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  • VII Encuentro de Profesores ELE AIL Madrid - Edinumen

    The 7th Conference for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language organised by AIL Madrid and the publishers Edinumen will take place in Madrid from the 31st July to the 4th August.

    This conference will be a new experience for Spanish teachers since the aim is to acquire strategies for finding motivation in the classroom rather than to acquire knowledge.  The content of the conference will, therefore, be practical rather than theoretical.

    Participants will work together to learn how to apply new technologies in the teaching and learning of Spanish, from teaching online to using social networks and Kahoot  in the classroom. There will also be a pooling of emergency tools to add to the first aid kit of solutions for possible set-backs in the classroom.

    The secret of a good teacher is always to have a plan B. We all know the brain needs to become excited in order to learn and so managing emotions in the classroom will also be looked into, together with the teaching of vocabulary and oral skills. There will also be the chance to learn to teach business Spanish in an entertaining and fun way. The full programme is as follows:

    Monday 31st July:
    • 9:00h – 9:30h  – Welcome breakfast. Handing out of material
    • 9:30h – 11:00h – Objective: Gamification in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom. Kahoot and other tools
    • 11:30h – 13:30h – Everyone online: Skype, Facebook and other platforms
    • 14:00h – 15:00h – Welcome lunch
    • 17:10h – 18:50h – Workshops and visits

    Tuesday 1st August:
    • 9:00h – 9:30h – Everyone takes part: Pooling what we have learnt
    • 9:30h – 11:00h – Managing emotions in the classroom
    • 11:30h – 13:30h – Teaching and learning vocabulary in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom
    • 17:10-18:50 – Workshops and visits

    Wednesday 2nd August:
    • 9:00h – 9:30h – Pooling what we have learnt
    • 9:30h – 11:00h – Special purposes: Business Spanish
    • 11:30h – 13:30h – Special purposes: Business Spanish
    • 14:00h – 15:00h – Guidelines for class observation
    • 17:10h – 18:50h – Workshops and visits

    Thursday 3rd August:
    • 9:00h -11:00h – Class observation
    • 11:30h – 13:30h – The teacher’s first-aid kit: emergency tools
    • 17:10h – 18:50h – Workshops and visits

    Friday 4th August:
    • 9:00h – 9:30h – Teaching by immersion: AIL Madrid
    • 9:30h – 11:00h – Oral skills: pronunciation and prosody
    • 11:30h – 13:30h – Presentation of latest developments by the publishers Edinumen
    • 14:00h – 15:00h – Closing session and  diploma ceremony
    • 17:10h – 18:50h – Workshops and visits

    Registration and more information on the conference
    Image copyright: AIL Madrid

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  • Enele2017

    Enele is a project designed and coordinated by Jane Arnold, the academic director of Language and Cultural Encounters, to provide Spanish as a Foreign Language teachers with the opportunity to meet together with other teachers from all over the world and to reflect on their work, at the same time as developing their skills working on important proposals from the current scene of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

    As Jane Arnold says, “Enele offers the perfect occasion for combining usefulness with pleasure.” The programme has once again been prepared “with great care in order to help us develop as teachers.” And additionally, “There can be nothing better than sharing experiences with other teachers from all over the world in a setting as pleasant as the city of Cadiz.”

    This is the third time this type of meeting has been held. Last year fifty teachers from fifteen countries including the UK, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, USA, Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Algeria, and Russia met up in Cadiz. As the academic director of LCE has said, “In the two previous encounters real communities have been created, sharing experiences and enriching the group.” A group which is made up not only of  Spanish as a Foreign Language teachers “since we have also had teachers of other foreign languages.”

    Enele 2017 is entitled “Create, play, thrill: Exploring new paths in Spanish as a Foreign Language Teaching.” Speakers at the plenary conference, for the three modules and the three workshops are all well-known specialists in Spanish as a Foreign Language with considerable experience in teacher training.

    They are looking to offer new pedagogical possibilities which will lead to active learning and greater participation on the part of the students in constructing knowledge of the language and culture they are pursuing. They will provide measures to awaken students’ curiosity and to create a classroom atmosphere which is conducive to learning.

    More information on Enele is available on their webpage.

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  • Vamos Español en España
    This month sees the beginning of the campaign to launch  ¡VAMOS! Español en España FEDELE Workshop 2017. After much hard work updating the image of the event and redesigning the event itself, the organisation of the FEDELE workshop for agencies and schools can begin. This year it will take place in the cities of Ibiza and Palma from the 8th to the 11th October and will involve an innovative programme of social networking.

    The event is sponsored by the Agència de Turisme de les Illes Balears and the Consell Insular d´Eivissa with the collaboration of  Turespaña and Instituto Cervantes.

    A range of activities will be organised during the event to give agents information on the destinations available in Español en España and on the schools which belong to FEDELE and also to demonstrate the cultural, gastronomic and tourism diversity of the Balearic Islands.

    The programme includes activities in landmark locations like Ibiza beach, the Ibiza Town Hall cloister, the convent of Sant Francesc in Palma, Bellever castle and the yacht club in Palma.
    Afterwards, from the 11th to the 14th October, there will be excursions to Andalusia, Valencia and Madrid where agents will be able to get to know the cities and the various Spanish schools where their students are able to study.

    Sponsored by:

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  • FEDELE Madrid

    On the 6th May, FEDELE Madrid, together with the publishers Edinumen, organised a teacher training workshop for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language. The workshop took place at AIL Madrid and teachers from Eureka School of Spanish Language, Tandem Escuela Internacional Madrid, Estudio Internacional Sampere, Academia Contacto, Madrid Plus, Inhispania and AIL Madrid took part.

    There were two sessions:

    •  “Narrative pedagogy in the learning of a second language: imagination”, presented by Javier Diaz Castromil.  This session came from the idea of the narrative structure of memories and involved a practical presentation of activities connected with the meaning of classroom experience as the main driving force in learning.
    • “Avatars, between reality and possibility: a motivating image for learning”, presented by Mario Eugercios Hernández. The work in this session was carried out in a virtual environment using technology to stimulate the student’s contact with the target language in a context of “gamification of language”.

    Given the response of the participants and the debate that was generated, it can definitely be said that the workshop was a great success. Additionally, Spanish as a Foreign Language professionals from different schools were given the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

    Members of FEDELE Madrid hope to organise more training events in the future and so demonstrate their commitment to quality and innovation in the classroom.

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  • Spanish in a day

    The 2nd Spanish in a day competition has begun.  This competition, which is organised by C de Cine, tests the creativity and linguistic competence of students of Spanish.

    One of the most interesting novelties of this second competition is that there are two versions: a general one and one for young learners.  Each team participates in the category corresponding to the level of Spanish of their spokesperson. One of the criteria to be evaluated is a control of the linguistic resources pertaining to the level at which they are competing.

    The aim of Spanish in a day is to encourage working together while learning Spanish. In order to participate, you need to form teams of three to five Spanish students and choose a spokesperson. Once this is done, participants can sign up together and organise their different roles – actors, directors, scriptwriters etc.

    The team is now ready to create a cooperative project. The video will compete at the language level of the main actor who will also be the spokesperson and the person responsible for providing all the documents necessary for entering the competition.  All members of the winning video team will receive prizes.

    You can download the PDF with step by step instructions for taking part in the project with this link. The registration form for this second competition is in this other document.

    For more information please see the competition webpage.

    C de Cine webpage.

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  • Encuentro Práctico Essen

    The 14th Practical Conference for teachers of Spanish in Germany, organised by International House Barcelona and the publishers Difusión, will take place on the 9th and 10th June. The organisers are wanting to open up the event to other places in Germany and have decided that this year it will take place in Essen.

    On this occasion the event brings together specialists in the teaching of Spanish who will be tackling questions of methodology from different perspectives, with a very attractive programme which combines theory and practice. Participants will be able to attend talks by outstanding speakers such as  José Plácido Ruiz Campillo, Natalia Contreras and Neus Sans, and a wide range of different workshops such as Oral Interaction, Spanish for University Students or The Flipped Classroom.

    The aim of the conference, according to the organisers, is that the day and a half of talks and simultaneous workshops should provide a space for interaction and collaboration for teachers of Spanish to continue developing as professionals. The magnificent welcome offered by the University of Essen will, without doubt, provide the perfect context for this event.

    You can see the whole programme of the Practical Conference with this link and enrol at a reduced rate if you sign up before the 20th May.

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  • Encuentro Práctico ELE Madrid

    The 18th Practical Conference of Spanish as a Foreign Language  will take place at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid  on the 19th and 20th of May.  The event is organised by the publishers Edinumen and International House.

    Edinumen and IH have been collaborating on the organisation of the event for more than fifteen years, ever since it began in 2000 as an event described in their own words as “convivial and modest”.

    The programme for the conference is as follows:

    Friday, 19th May 2017:
    •    15.30h – 16.00h – Collection of credentials.
    •    16.00h – 16.15h – Welcome.
    •    16.15h – 17.15h – Cognitive spring and the dark side of the moon: strengths and limitations of cognitive grammar. Juan Manuel Real Espinosa
    •    17.30h – 18.30h – Marking the written expression and interaction test of the DELE exams. Javier López Tapia y Javier Fruns
    •    18.30h – 19.00h – Break
    •    19.00h – 20.00h – Seminar: “Advantages and disadvantages of using the mother tongue in the classroom.”

    Saturday, 20th May 2017 (morning):
    •    10.00h – 11.00h – Integrated learning of language and content: constructing knowledge. Ana Blanco Canales
    •    11.00h – 11.30h – Break
    •    11.30h – 12.30h – Mobile telephones, powerful tools in the classroom. Ceri Jones
    •    12.40h – 13.15h – Presentation of recent developments. Editorial Edinumen
    •    13.20h – 13.50h – Presentation of recent developments at International House Madrid

    Saturday, 20th May 2017 (afternoon/evening):
    •    16.00h – 19.50h – Simultaneous workshops: Direct to the classroom.
    •    20.00h –  A farewell glass of wine and the draw.

    Programme details can be found on the webpage: Encuentro Práctico ELE.

    Information on how to enrol is available with this link.

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  • Jefes de estudios FEDELE

    FEDELE is pleased to announce that on the 25th and 26th of May the 1st Meeting for Heads of Study of FEDELE Schools will take place in Madrid, in the Hotel Catalonia Gran Vía.

    The main objective of this event is to give Heads of Study and academic coordinators tools to facilitate their work as team organisers, with a series of workshops and talks by outstanding experts.
    Novelties regarding the new evaluation system, Sistema de Acreditación de Centros ELE del Instituto Cervantes (SIELE), and a series of Google applications which are very useful for academic management will also be presented.

    The registration fee covers access to the workshops, lunch on the first day, coffee/breakfast on the second day and the attendance certificate. Each FEDELE member school is given one free place. If any school wishes to send a second participant they should make an extra payment of 50 euros.

    The programme is as follows:

    Thursday 25th May

    • 12.00h – 12.30h: Accreditation
    • 12.30h – 12.45h: Welcome
    • 12.45h – 13.45h: Sistema de Acreditación de Centros Instituto Cervantes (SACIC). From school organisation to the heart of the activity: academic services, Nuria Vaquero Ibarra.
    • 13.45h – 14.30h: SIELE: presentation of the exam and preparing for it.
    • 14.30h – 16.00h: Break for lunch (provided by FEDELE in the hotel).
    • 16.00h – 18.30h: Workshop on motivation through gamification, Oriol Ripoll.

    Friday 26th May

    • 09.00h – 10.15h: Gsuite, new management and collaboration between teams, representative of Google Spain
    • 10.15h – 10.30h: Coffee break
    • 10.30h – 12.30h: Team management: difficult or impossible? Jose Angel Medina
    • 12.45h – 14.30h: Changing the identity of the Spanish as a Foreign Language teacher after critical incidents, Carles Monereo
    • Closure and presentation of certificates.

    Schools who are interested in attending should contact the FEDELE office.

    Cover photo: FEDELE

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  • Jornadas Alemania

    At the end of this month, on April 28th in Berlin and 29th in Munich, FEDELE, the publishers Edelsa and the Institutos Cervantes from Berlin and Munich are organising training days for teachers of Spanish.

    The events will be meeting a double objective for professionals in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

    Firstly, participants will be able to take part in the various training workshops provided by Edelsa and secondly they will have personal experience of a wide range of Spanish immersion courses with different destinations in Spain, all of them at schools which are members of the Federation.

    Participants at both events will also be able to take part in the draw for teaching materials from Edelsa and a grant for a place on the advanced course for Spanish teachers, “Play as a learning mechanism” (online from 3rd to 24th September), which is organised by FEDELE and the Instituto Cervantes.

    David R. Sousa will be giving two workshops at both events: “Talking, you understand people: oral interaction in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom” and “Clues and strategies for preparing for the DELE exams”.

    More information on the Munich event with this link.
    More information on the Berlin event with this link.

    Photo copyright: John Morgan.

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    FEDELE is pleased to let our readers know that with the recent addition of two new schools, IDEALOG in Castelldefels and Academia Contacto en Madrid, our Federation now has ninety members.

    These two newcomers and the work of all of the associations which make up our Federation have made FEDELE a significant player in the national panorama of Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language and the main representative of private schools in the sector.

    FEDELE is made up of a series of regional associations which over recent years have been incorporated into the Federation: Español en Andalucía, with 29 schools; la Asociación de Escuelas de Español de Castilla y León, AEECyL, with 16;  FEDELE Comunidad Valenciana, which has 15 schools; FEDELE Madrid, with 11; FEDELE Barcelona, 10; FEDELE Nacional, with 6 schools and the youngest of all the associations which has only recently been formed, FEDELE Baleares, with 3 schools.


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