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    How to take part in this blog.

    The intention of FEDELE in offering this service has been to keep the Spanish language teaching community, and anyone who is interested in our sector, informed.  To this end, we want the blog to become a two-way channel of communication, from the Federation to the readers and vice versa.  The only thing we ask of users is that when they are contributing they bear in mind a basic digital etiquette.  All comments will, therefore, be moderated taking into account two simple rules:

    1.    Messages which could be considered spam or to contain invasive publicity and those which are clearly unrelated to the subject of the blog will not be published.

    2.    Texts containing obscenities or which are insulting towards persons, businesses or institutions, whether or not they are involved with Spanish language teaching, will not be published.

    3.    Please keep these parameters in mind when you are writing your comments.  We will be delighted to receive any information and comments which are respectfully expressed.

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