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  • In a few days´ time CEDELEQ will take place in Canada


    In a few days´ time the 5th CEDELEQ colloquium will take place.  This is the big Spanish as a Foreign Language event in Quebec and one of the most important in Canada.

    It is organised by the University of McGill, the Spanish Embassy´s education attaché, the Spanish Resource Centre, the University of Montreal, UQAM (the University of Quebec in Montreal) and the Association of Teachers of Spanish in Quebec.

    The following topics will be dealt with at the conference:

    • Grammar and teaching/learning methods
    • New technologies
    • Teaching materials for the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom
    • Language and culture
    • Standards and variations
    • Educational frameworks and teacher training

    The fundamental aim of the event is to enable teachers and researchers to meet in a discussion forum to discuss recent contributions in the field of teaching and learning of Spanish and their implications for the classroom.

    It will take place from the 7th to 9th of May at the University of McGill in Quebec.

    More information on this event on their webpage.

    Image credits for this article: Simon Desmarais.


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