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  • Spanish in Spain

    From the very beginning, all our efforts have been put into the promotion of teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language in Spain.   The main characteristics of the member schools are their primary focus on the teaching of Hispanic language and culture and the offer of an extensive extra-curricular activity programme which includes, among other things, visits to places of special interest, trips, talks and sporting events.  Most member schools also offer their students a variety of accommodation options for their stay – houses shared with other foreign or Spanish students, private apartments or homestays with Spanish families.

    One of the distinguishing features of FEDELE is the way in which it collaborates with other organisations providing both national and international publicity.  The federation has, for example, worked hand in hand with the European Committee for Standardization of the teaching of mother tongue languages in the European Union.  FEDELE is a founder member of ELITE and has an easy working relationship with the two state institutions which are most concerned with the promotion of  “Estudiar Español en España”: The Cervantes Institute, particularly in the organisation of the DELE exams and the joint programmes of teacher training and Turespaña who are responsible for the outstanding FEDELE Annual Meeting.

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