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  • exámenes cervantes

    A few weeks ago, the Instituto Cervantes launched their new portal for the official examinations. This means great progress for the organisation of all the exams – DELE, CCSE and SIELE. The graphics on the new webpage have changed and all the information regarding the exams can now be found on one page.

    People interested in consulting general information on the Instituto Cervantes’ exams can now do so on the new portal examenes.cervantes.es.   They will also be able to see their marks for the DELE and CCSE exams, manage their requests for marks to be reviewed and sign up to sit the DELE exams in Spain.

    For the school exams A1 and A2/ B1, enrolment will still take place in the school where the exam is to be taken. The new portal also offers information for schools interested in becoming an exam centre and for Spanish as a Foreign Language teachers interested in becoming accredited examiners.

    As you can see, for the first time in the history of the Instituto Cervantes, information and management of various services can be found altogether in one space. It must be remembered that the incorporation of these services into internet means that users need to register beforehand. From November, candidates wishing to access the results of their DELE exams should do so using their email address.

    More information at examenes.cervantes.es.

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  • CCSE

    Changes in the process for obtaining  Spanish citizenship have meant that the institutions involved have had to make changes to their procedures.  The Instituto Cervantes has, therefore, added the 19th February 2016 as an extra date for the DELE exams.

    The exam will be organised separately from the CCSE  (Spanish Constitutional and Socio-cultural Knowledge) tests, but information is available on the CCSE portal.  It should be pointed out that this date is only for level A2.

    The exam will only be available to people over the age of 18 and only in Spain.  Enrolment dates are from the 12th January to the 1st February.

    People interested in sitting the exam on this date should fill out the enrolment form on the DELE section of the CCSE webpage, although there is no obligation to enrol for the CCSE test. Questions arising from this process will be channelled through the DELE section of the Instituto Cervantes webpage.

    Source of information: Instituto Cervantes.

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