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    We are pleased to let our readers know that in a few weeks time, from the 16th to the 18th April, the International Eaquals Conference will be held in Malaga.

    Guest speakers at the conference include the eminent  Scott Thornbury, Gavin Dudeney, Jeremy Harmer and Loraine KennedyRichard Hudson Bueno, Deputy Academic Director of the Cervantes Institute and Michael Hoey from the Confucius Institute and Professor Emeritus at the University of Liverpool will also be taking part.

    On the 16th April, Eaquals is organising a market place where participants share information about their products and services.

    As well as the programme of professional activity, there will be a series of social events during which there will be a chance to get to know other members and for those people who don’t know Malaga a chance to discover what Malaga has to offer.

    More information can be found at the following site: Eaquals conference.


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    We are pleased to announce that FEDELE has become an associate member of EAQUALS. EAQUALS, Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services, is an international association which brings together institutions and organisations of the foreign language teaching sector.

    Its main objective is to promote and guarantee a high quality of teaching and learning of second languages.  With this in mind, EAQUALS has created and published a set of criteria to verify the quality offered by its members.

    Another fundamental aim of EAQUALS is to become an international forum for exchanging experiences of teaching of foreign languages and at the same time to develop resources which will maintain standards in all aspects of language teaching.

    EQUALS is of very great importance in Europe both at an administrative level and also with regard to purely educational matters.  EAQUALS schools are recognised by CSN, the Swedish system for awarding educational grants.  And in Italy the Progetto Lingue 2000 recognises EAQUALS courses within higher education.

    Prospective members of EAQUALS are subject to an initial inspection which is then repeated every four years and they must demonstrate at all times their support for the principles of EAQUALS.

    This is, without doubt, great news for FEDELE and for all our schools.

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