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  • Jornadas Alemania

    At the end of this month, on April 28th in Berlin and 29th in Munich, FEDELE, the publishers Edelsa and the Institutos Cervantes from Berlin and Munich are organising training days for teachers of Spanish.

    The events will be meeting a double objective for professionals in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

    Firstly, participants will be able to take part in the various training workshops provided by Edelsa and secondly they will have personal experience of a wide range of Spanish immersion courses with different destinations in Spain, all of them at schools which are members of the Federation.

    Participants at both events will also be able to take part in the draw for teaching materials from Edelsa and a grant for a place on the advanced course for Spanish teachers, “Play as a learning mechanism” (online from 3rd to 24th September), which is organised by FEDELE and the Instituto Cervantes.

    David R. Sousa will be giving two workshops at both events: “Talking, you understand people: oral interaction in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom” and “Clues and strategies for preparing for the DELE exams”.

    More information on the Munich event with this link.
    More information on the Berlin event with this link.

    Photo copyright: John Morgan.

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  • FEDELE convención

    FEDELE is organising their annual convention again this year. It will take place on the 16th and 17th of February, in Madrid. There will be a meeting of the steering committee beforehand to decide on the specific topics to be dealt with.

    Broadly speaking there will be a series of presentations and discussions on matters affecting member schools and the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language here in Spain.

    The conference will begin at 11.30 with a welcome from the president María del Carmen Timor who will then introduce the programme for the two days. This opens with a talk on the new aspects of the Accreditation System for the Instituto Cervantes’ Spanish as a Foreign Language Schools, followed by a presentation of SIELE by the team from Telefonica-TED. At the end of the morning, the Federation manager will comment on the most important aspects of the sectorial report of FEDELE.

    The activities on Thursday afternoon begin with a presentation by the treasurer of the accounts of the Federation. This will be followed by a talk on tax law by José Manuel Cambra, from the administrative agency AUREN.

    First thing on Friday morning a report will be given on FEDELE’s plan of action for 2017, at which point member schools will be able to offer their suggestions for the project. After the coffee break Pilar González Agudo will speak on reason and emotion in company leadership. At one o’clock there will be a debate on unqualified practice, unfair competition and good practice in the sector. And the conference will close with a presentation on employment law by Ignacio Sampere .

    Image copyright: FEDELE

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  • Embajador de España en Hungría 2016

    We are pleased to let our readers know that FEDELE and the Spanish Embassy in Hungary have agreed to collaborate on the programme Spanish Ambassador 2016, a competition which will be launched by the Education Attaché Office in Hungary in September of this year.

    The programme has been in operation since 1988 and this year the nine bilingual sections of the country will be taking part. As usual, the embassy will be responsible for the nationwide promotion of the competition in different media.

    FEDELE and the schools that wish to collaborate are providing the prize for the two winners of the competition.  The prize will be a one-week Spanish course in Spain and will include accommodation in a host family with half-board.

    The competition will start in September and finish at the end of October. The course dates will be agreed by the winners and the selected schools, although it’s expected that they will take place by next spring at the latest. Once the competition is finished, the winners will decide from amongst all the schools taking part where they want to do their course.

    For more information about this programme please contact the FEDELE office (info@fedele.org).

    Picture copyright: Chris Shervey.

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  • ECELE Sevilla

    The 7th ECELE conference will take place this year in Seville from the 14th to the 16th November. Heads of schools where Spanish is taught abroad will be meeting with representatives of FEDELE member schools.

    The series of Conferences for Spanish Language Schools is a result of the commitment shown by FEDELETurespañaTurismo de SevillaDiputación Provincial de Sevilla and Turismo de Andalucía to the Spanish as a Foreign Language sector and the promotion and commercialisation of language stays abroad, with a different target group in mind: teachers in schools abroad where Spanish is taught.

    The increase in Spanish as a third language (bearing in mind that English is the most popular second language worldwide) and its incorporation into state education in a great many countries means that Spanish teachers are well positioned to offer advice and guidelines to our schools.  Private Spanish schools are able to provide a very valuable addition to the standard language courses available abroad by offering complementary full-immersion programmes.

    The conference includes a diverse programme of professional and cultural events:

    Monday, 14th November
    Arrival in Sevilla. Accommodation at the Hotel NH Plaza de Armas
    18.30h: Legends of Sevilla, a walking tour of the city.
    20.30h: Night visit to the Reales Alcázares with a cocktail in the salón de los Tapices.

    Tuesday, 15th November
    8.30 – 9.00h: Accreditation of schools.
    9.00 – 9.30h: A welcome to the conference given by the collaborating institutions.
    9.30 – 10.10h: Presentation Spanish in Spain.
    9.30 – 9.45h: General presentation of Spanish courses in Spain – FEDELE.
    9.45 – 10.10h: Accreditation System for Spanish as a Foreign Language Schools – Instituto Cervantes.
    10.30-11.30h: Presentation of all participants.
    11.30 -14.30h: Presentation of FEDELE schools.
    15.30 -17.30h: Teacher training workshop.
    19.30h: Transport to Carmona. Dinner at the Alcázar de Carmona.

    Wednesday, 16th November
    9.00 – 12.30h: Getting to know the FEDELE schools. Personal appointments with the Heads of Schools and academic staff.
    12.30 -13.00h: Break for visiting the stands: raffle of grants and teaching material.
    13.00 – 14.00h:  Getting to know the FEDELE schools
    15.30 – 19.00h: A tour of Sevilla and visits to the schools.
    20.30 – 22.30h: Walk and dinner at the Taberna de Alabardero with a flamenco workshop.

    If you wish to receive more information please write to info@fedele.org.

    Photo copyright: Francisco Colinet.

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    As our readers will be able to see, this week FEDELE have brought out their redesigned webpage. Big changes have been made to the aesthetics and to the way in which the content is navigated, with the aim of making access to information easier.

    The first most noticeable change to the new webpage is the cleanness of the design which will enable it to be read in a much more comfortable and intuitive way. In keeping with this change to the webpage, FEDELE have renewed their image with a logo better adapted to current times and to the aims of the Federation.

    The new webpage is organised around two main elements of design. The first is a series of marked pathways which allow the user to select the profile which is closest to their interests (student, teacher, agency or school of Spanish). The contents which are most frequently consulted are found at the bottom of the homepage. These include information on the official exams which are organised by FEDELE – the DELE exams and the Spanish nationality exams (CCSE). The search bar for member schools according to location, the map of FEDELE schools, FEDELE social networks and other programmes related to the activities of FEDELE (an organisation of Spanish as a Foreign Language businesses) are also found on the home page.

    The great novelty of the webpage is the use of pathways adapted to the profile of the reader which enable the user to find information which matches their specific needs. Each pathway has general information for all readers and other more specific information which is intended more for one particular profile than for another.

    New FEDELE webpage.



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  • Convención FEDELE 2016

    This week both the extraordinary general assembly and the 2016 Convention of FEDELE have been held in Madrid. For the first time ever, the Convention was held as a separate event and not as part of the Annual Meeting.

    At the extraordinary general assembly which preceded the Convention the new governing body was elected and this will again be led by María del Carmen Timor. During the meeting questions of great concern to the private sector of Spanish teaching were discussed such as FEDELE’s report on the sector; changes to the brand image of the federation; the next events to be organised (ECELE and the Annual Meeting); the results of the DELE and CCSE exams etc.

    On the 12th and 13th of May the FEDELE Annual Convention was held with a full programme of information and training aimed at member schools.

    The meeting began with an official opening by the Federation president, followed by the presentation of the plan of action given by the manager, Ana Cózar, and the treasurer’s report which was given by Javier Torres. Guillermo García Vicente, of Telefónica Digital, then gave an introductory session on SIELE, the new evaluation system.

    After lunch on the first day there was a presentation by Ángel Sánchez, professor at the University of Alicante, which dealt with different financial aspects affecting language schools.  Thursday closed with a workshop on communication and marketing organised by the company Lenkua.

    Friday began with a very practical presentation by Ignacio Sampere, lawyer and lecturer in law at the Carlos III University in Madrid, of the agreement on non-regulated training.  This was followed by a workshop on working as a team given by Fernando Cembranos.

    The morning session ended with a presentation given by David Ruiz on student visas.  The Convention ended with a round table discussion between the representatives of the member associations on the evolution of the Spanish as a Foreign Language sector in our country.

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    There were signs at the beginning of the year that 2015 was going to be a good year for FEDELE when a new channel of digital communication was opened up: this blog in English.  This allows the federation to reach people who are interested in hearing news about our sector but whose language skills are not yet sufficient to understand in Spanish.

    One of the first news items of the year was of the 2015 FEDELE Annual Meeting, the most important event on the Spanish language tourism calendar in Spain, which was to be held in Cadiz.

    Shortly afterwards it was confirmed that FEDELE would take part in a new event with aims as ambitious as they are relevant to our sector: FIE 2.0 in Madrid.

    Half-way through the year, FEDELE and the Asociación de Centros de Idiomas de Argentina (SEA) signed an agreement. Marcelo García, President of SEA, Mari Carmen Timor Catalá, President of FEDELE and Sergio Palacios, President of the Asociación FEDELE Madrid, where the signing took place, were present.

    A few months later FEDELE signed another agreement with the Universidad de Castilla La Mancha.  The aim of the agreement is for member schools to participate in the AUNA programme (Aula Universitaria Abierta).

    In the last few months we have seen that the FEDELE Annual Meeting in Cadiz and also the ECELE in Madrid were a great success, both in their organisation and the level of participation.

    We recommend that to end the year you take a look at the interview which Profedeele did with our president, Mari Carmen Timor.

    With this summary we end what has been a great year for FEDELE and for our schools, confident that 2016 will be even better.

    Image copyright: Pixabay.

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  • This week the President of FEDELE, Mari Carmen Timor, was interviewed by María Méndez for the blog ProfeDeEle.es.

    ProfeDeEle.es a blog for students and teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language where readers can find proposals and resources for the Spanish Language classroom.

    The blog is edited and co-ordinated by Daniel Hernández and has contributions from Ana Gómez, Fran Balsera, Lucía Martínez, Mar Galindo, María Méndez, Matías Hidalgo, Murta Blasco, y Tatiana Gunko.
    ProfeDeELE can also be found on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube.

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    As we´ve already announced on this blog, the next FEDELE Annual Meeting will take place in just a few weeks time in Cádiz.  This is the most long-standing Spanish as a  Foreign Language event in Spain.  It brings together agencies offering Study Abroad programmes and FEDELE member schools to look for new business partnerships and to review and comment on the current situation of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

    Prior to the FEDELE Annual Meeting, the FEDELE Annual Convention will take place, also in Cádiz.  Schools will discuss organisational matters concerning the Federation and other regional organisations and relationships with other institutions.

    At the convention, the annual work plan of FEDELE will also be drawn up.  This meeting will take place on Sunday, 27th September from 12 o´clock midday to 7pm.

    The same evening there will be a guided tour of the city and later a welcoming drinks party in the Casa de Iberoamérica where the schools’ representatives will be able to meet the agents.

    On Monday 28th September the appointments with the agencies and the member schools will begin in the form of a workshop.  In the evening there will be a boat-trip and dinner at the Castillo de San Marcos in El Puerto de Santa María.

    Appointments with the agents will continue during the morning of the 29th September.  In the afternoon there will be visits to the local schools that are taking part in the event.  Marketing activities will be held at the Hotel Parador Atlántico where the participants will also be staying.  This is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in the city.

    Image copyright: Gerry Balding.

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  • FEDELE Baleares
    We are pleased to announce that the Balearic Association of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ABELE in its Spanish initials), known as FEDELE Baleares, has been officially set up in Palma de Mallorca.

    The association is made up of International House Palma, Berlitz Palma and the Instituto de Idiomas de Ibiza with the aim of promoting, together with public bodies of the Balearic Islands, the language tourism sector, in particular initiatives which promote the teaching of Spanish to foreigners.

    All the schools of the association are accredited by the Cervantes Institute and are searching for educational excellence in an area which is relatively undeveloped within the Balearic Islands’ tourism sector.

    According to Frontur, in 2014 the Balearic Islands were visited by around twelve million foreign tourists making it the second most popular autonomous community in Spain for international tourists.  However, they only make up 1.5 % of Spain’s language tourism.

    FEDELE wishes ABELE great success in their new venture.

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