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  • Con C de Cine


    We are pleased to present the project  C de Cine , a webpage for the learning and teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language using audiovisuals. Access is free and teachers and students of Spanish as a Foreign Language are able to contact each other through forums and social networks to exchange experiences of the didactic use of film and video in the classroom. One of the most visited sections of the page is the “List of Activities” where teaching guides are published based on short films and other audiovisual formats following the flipped classroom model.

    Spanish in a day, an audiovisual competition for students of Spanish throughout the world, has been launched on the page this April. It’s an adaptation for the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom of other audiovisual projects like Ridley Scott’s Life in a day or Isabel Coixet’s Spain in a day which was produced by RTVE. The main aim of the competition is for students anywhere in the world to make a three to five minute video showing a normal day in their life.

    Participants must follow the guidelines and the communication contents of the curriculum of the Instituto Cervantes which correspond to their language level. The level will determine the main category they enter: A is for Action (A1-A2), B is for Bench (B1-B2) and C is for Cineclub (C1-C2). There is also a parallel section of the competition where special mentions will be given, I is for Intercultural for the student’s reflections on different cultures and P is for Production for teamwork.

    Prizes will be given by the sponsors of the competition who include the University of Salamanca and the University of Santiago de Compostela, IMSOL Granada and the publishers Difusión.  These range from teaching material for the fifteen finalists (three for each category) to eight grants for intensive Spanish courses in different Spanish cities this summer.

    The deadline for sending videos is the 15th May.  More information can be found on the competition webpage and on social networks with #Spanishinaday.

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    The sixteenth FEDELE Annual Meeting will take place shortly in Cadiz, from the 27th to the 30th September.  This event is organised by the Federation of Schools of Spanish (FEDELE) together with Cadiz council, Turismo Andaluz (Junta de Andalucía), Cadiz Tourist Board (Diputación de Cádiz) and the local Chamber of Commerce.

    The FEDELE Annual Meeting is the most long-standing international event for Spanish language schools and agencies offering study abroad and has become a reference point world-wide for the Spanish language sector.  As always occurs with these events, the appointments between schools and agencies are complemented by a varied programme of cultural visits so that participants can see at first-hand what Cadiz has to offer its visitors.

    On Sunday 27th September there will be a guided tour of the city and at 20.00h a welcome drink at the Casa de Iberamérica where the schools’ representatives will be able to meet the agents and will be received by the local dignataries and officials.

    On Monday 28th September the appointments with the agencies and member schools will begin.  In the afternoon there will be a boat trip and dinner at the castle of San Marcos in El Puerto de Santa María.

    On Tuesday 29th September the appointments will continue in the morning and in the afternoon there will be a visit to the schools of Spanish in Cadiz who have organised the event.  The appointments and accommodation will all be at the Hotel Parador Atlantico.

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